Our Services

The trust was founded in 1987 with the purpose of providing advice and support on a range of issues relevant to our community. This includes, but not exclusively, issues related to immigration, race relations, education, health and social services. Unlike many bodies we are completely non-sectarian and apolitical. Indeed the Pakistan Welfare Trust Glasgow is completely independent and receives no regular income save the subscriptions of its members.

We are amongnst the largest Muslim welfare organisaitons in Scotland. We have over 2500 members comprising many professionals and businessmen, and provide access to free help through those of our members, who are doctors, lawyers, acocuntants, engineers, pharmacists, dentists and opticians. We have led on many initiatives including responses to earthquakes, famines and droughts, including, but not limited to, raising funds for each tragedy.

Our principal founding purpose was to help the bereaved where we provide financial assistance as well as support in the provision of funeral arrangments according to Islamic customs. As you will see, we have developed many other activities with which we promote and encourage community cohesion and integration.